sabato 2 luglio 2011

A farewell to arms - Ernest Hemingway

Today is 50 years ago that Ernest Hemingway commited suicide shooting him with a shotgun. He was born on july 21, in 1899 and died on july 2, in 1961.

He was journalist and writter, and participated (he volunteered for ambulance driver) to the World War I on the italian front, to Spanish Civil War (like a journalist) and to the World War II (journalist).

In Spain, he knew the San Fermín's party and the bullfights (corridas), that was adored by him.

In this days, I'm reading "a fare to arms", based in his experiences at the italian front, where he was wounded. He describes the time war, with the bombs, the guns, the attacks,... and the time no war, with the love, Catherine, the humans feelings...

The Aiala bar, Barcelona,
where I spend my coffe time
reading my book.

Another important book I've read is "the old man and the sea". In some photos, Hemingway is a lot like I think should be the fisherman protagonist in "the old man and the sea".


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